It was back in 1881 that Mattia Brach started to cultivate vines near the hills of San Giorgio in Austro-Hungarian land, beginning a long history of winemakers in Brazzano.


Following Mattia Brach, the founder, was Giovanni Battista fu Mattia Brach, who, from being a young sharecropper, became the first true family land owner.


Just a short distance from the Brach family’s birthplace on May 24, 1915, the longest and bloodiest conflict in Italian history on the then Italian-Austrian border began. During the Great War, all of Brazzano’s countryside was abandoned and devastated by the destructive fury of the event.


During the fascist dictatorship the Brach family had to undergo a major change: in addition to their lands becoming Italian, their new surname Bracco was imposed.


Giovanni, son of Giovanni Battista fu Mattia Brach, on returning from the Second World War, took the reins of the company.


The first Tokai Friulano vineyard was planted to celebrate the birth of his son Alfredo, which was the result of a mass selection on Riparia Gloria rootstock and witness to a new beginning for local viticulture.


A pragmatic and innovative man, who was driven by the love of his work, Giovanni moved his family and business from the centre of the village to the heart of his vineyards.


Giovanni and Alfredo, who had now joined his father in the management of the farm, planted their first vineyard with Malvasia Istriana, a historic native white grape variety, which today is the pride of the Friulian wine scene.


1881-1981 A hundred years of viticulture. The Ducato dei Vini Friulani awarded Giovanni Bracco, a self-taught technician who was able to relay the strong and authentic character of the territory of Brazzano: a mosaic of small vineyards of the highest quality!


The era of Refosco dal peduncolo rosso, the noblest of Refoscos, began in Brazzano. Alfredo and Giuliana gave continuity to the agricultural and varietal choice made by Giovanni and increased the vineyard area of Friuli’s oldest native red.


Five generations followed one another in the Bracco family together with 120 years of history, passion and commitment.

An in-depth knowledge of the winemaking profession is still exercised in total freedom and honest humility: a real farming culture still survives in Brazzano!



The Bracco family had business continuity: Elisabetta, Giuliana and Alfredo’s daughter, returned from her studies in Bordeaux and immediately introduced “sitoviticoltura”, identifying the 'vielles vignes' and creating the founder’s line, known as the Mattia Brach Selection.



The last harvest with the historical Tocai Friulano name: an identification strip was made for the founder’s line to mark this necessary change.



Elisabetta, a convinced custodian of her own land and aware of the complexity of the ecosystem in which she worked, decided to undertake further studies enrolling for an MBA in Wine Business at the MIB School of Management in Trieste. Here she learned innovative concepts in the field of communication and initiated a process of slow business renewal.



With a rare combination of viticulture technique and enological sensitivity, Elisabetta maintained the classic Friulian profile, bestowing on the father of Friulian white wines the name of “Ultimo".



The first 2016 harvest in Collio. Elisabetta inherited Ca’ delle Vallade estate through her mother Giuliana, which was owned by the Perabò family. Thus two winemaking dynasties joined together, under the aegis of Friulian romanticism!



The Gorizia Chamber of Commerce together with the Female Entrepreneurship Committee in collaboration with the Province of Gorizia presented Elisabetta an award as the winning female businesswoman in the “Magicamente Imprenditrice” (magically businesswoman) competition.



Elisabetta was awarded the "Women who made it" prize by the Stati Generali delle Donne at # Expo2015 to  #Matera2019 at the University of Pavia and was included in the book "100 Women who will change Italy", curated by Marta Ajo.

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